ASBHA GROUP has established as an AMALGAMATION of a team of experts focusing consultancy and services on MANAGEMENT consultancy, FINANCIAL services, REAL ESTATE activities supported by LEGAL consultancy services.

We ASBHA GROUP is a LEGITIMATE firm and service provider in this industry since DECADE. We pride ourselves on our detailed knowledge, Our creative and intelligent approach to RESOLVE the problems.

We ASBHA GROUP supply a wide variety of services and equipped with the BEST BRAINS ( TEAM OF EXPERTS) in the industry includes LAWYERS, CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS, BANKERS, and RETIRED GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL.

The ENTREPRENEUR behind (ASBHA GROUP) is MR SAYED FAROOQUE is an enterprising, dynamic professional with an uncanny ability to find solutions for problems. He has the best networking and lead generation skills. His excellent communication skills have equipped him with INTELLECTUAL AMMUNITION to create a team of EXPERTS and handle business development for the organization.

We’re Expert into

Land Litigation & Clearance
Financial Services & Consultancy.
Financial Instrument & Investment.
Legal Consultancy Services


Mr. Sayed Farooque is the man who has successfully spearheaded this venture. Sayed is a young enterprising, dynamic person who has equipped himself with the required intellectual ammunition to be an expert in Land Litigation & Clearance Services combined with Real Estate Investment & Financial Consultancy.

Sayed holds a post-graduate holding degree in Hospitality Management from Mumbai University, holds 3-years of experience in the Hospitality industry, has served as a Manager in a reputed Hotel in the Middle East in 1997. He made an early career shift from Hospitality to Real Estate, Investments, and Financial Consultancy posts during his tenure in 1997.

Believes In
In the arena of human life, the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action.

During his lifetime Sayed has ventured into several businesses. It is because he always has great new business ideas flowing through his head. He will start a company, assign the jobs to the right people and then move on to the next big project. He is innovative in his approach to maintain and grow his businesses.

Calculated Risk Taker.
He is a very successful entrepreneur with judgments of acceptable risk levels. He researches the subjects before trying to make decisions and leaves no stone unturned. He always minimizes the risks with alternate plans and is prepared if should something unexpected.

ASBHA GROUP is committed to long term to the mission of helping our customers realize their full potential. We proud ourselves on our detailed local knowledge. Our creative and intelligent approach to resolving land litigation and clear-acne issues guides our investors to make sure they get the best ROI over their investments as our services to our clients.

Our reputation for honest and reliable business conduct, built by so many people over so many decades, proved in each business transaction that we make.

Social Performance
We are the leaders, and we always give support to our customers. We are committed to serving our client needs and increasing the value of our investor money. We recognize that customers are our key asset. We are committed to responsible lending and helping you become a successful property owner.

We understand your needs. How to best protect our assets and how to maximize your investment’s returns. Hard work out of the ongoing management. We treat each property and each investment as if it were our own.

Advantages of working with us:


Expertise Team:
Our leadership team is of people with strong communication and media backgrounds. We work with ethics, energy, and passion and deliver results.

Reputation increased when all customers get the benefit. Providing a little more than expected at a cost that reflects the benefits realized.

Our dedicated conveyance specialists provide a friendly, personal service from corporate and commercial advice to property and resolving disputes.

Result Oriented:
We always provide result-oriented services to our customers and get positive feedback which makes us different from others.

Innovation and client-focused our Practice Area


Individuals and corporations are facing an ever-increasing amount of litigation and complex business disputes.

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We are one of the largest financial service providers in India through various innovative ways.

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Court matter ( civil & criminal cases) In conjunction with expert witness services to sole practitioner attorneys and law firms.

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We are offering various investment services to our customers with easy investment and a good return policy.

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Approved agency

We are a registered and government-approved agency serving our largest customer for the last 20+ years.

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Our customer service unit is ready to resolve all types of queries related to the services of our existing clients and new inquiries.

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Please read carefully before contacting us.

We at ASBHA GROUP are legitimate firm & professional consultant in this industry. To avail any services from our firm, we charge an upfront processing fee payment which are protected and Guaranteed with us. As our firm policy we charge EXPLICIT processing fee in advance officially by entering in an agreement both parties. ( lessor and lessee) Execute, sign and initiate the deed of agreement which thereby Automatically becomes a full commercial resourse Contract. As " There is never a deferred payment option"

So mentioning the Advance fee payment we like to be straight forward and no surprises. This will also help you to know whether you want to continue or not. (To avoid waste of time for both) ADVANCE processing fee payment is subject to the work and face value of the work.


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There is a commitment to provide adequate follow-up on any issues raised by our customers. Quality service to you is our top priority promise. We give exceptional service to our clients.

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Through comprehensive documentation and documented processes, your information is always at hand when you call. We remain true to our founding values of quality, honesty, and hard work. In most instances, we can answer your questions on the very first call.

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We understand the process and deliver our services to our customers with integrity and professionalism, treat our clients and our service providers with courtesy and respect. Our job is to understand and manage all the small details execute them with quality service.

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We have vast experience in these fields, which has been proven by all the time by our quality work. A decade of experience has given us enough time to equip ourselves with the required intellect skill set needed to excel in the area of service- Land litigation and clearance services supported by investment and financial consultancy. Each member of our team carries a minimum of 10+ minimum years of experience.

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We understand the process and deliver our services to our customers with integrity and professionalism, treat our clients and our service providers with courtesy and respect. Our job is to understand and manage all the small details execute them with quality service.

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Our professional and enthusiastic approach for all your property needs, unrivaled customer service, and wealth of local knowledge is the key to our success in our growing business. Our commitment to the clients will hopefully see us rise to new heights and challenges in the future.

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Why ASBHA GROUP Investment Plan

Highest Returns:
We proudly announce,we pay the highest returns of 15% compare to others leading financial Institutions.

Most safe Investment:
You are investing in most safest income generating source. i.e. on properties(Commercial/Residential and Industrial Lands).

Guaranteed Returns:
Money is invested in properties which is currently giving an guaranteed assured annual return of 20%.

Lowest lock in Period:
Lock-in-period as lowest as of 365 Days.

Reward Premium 25%:
To appreciate your trust in us we pay 25% of premium amount at the end of 5 years of the invested amount.

Team of experts:
We are equipped with best brains in the industry including lawyers , Chartered accountants and retired government officials.

Option to purchase property:
At the end of 5 years you are eligible for buy back and reinvestment or purchase the property from company’s on going projects at discounted price or simply buy back the maturity amount home.

Your property analyzer:
Consultation from our experts on property investments in Real estate property pan India.


Client Testimonial

Shyam Bhagat

The most trusted firm we have ever working with from the last decade.

Ajay Gaurav

The most experienced and cooperating staff we had ever meet.

Pravin More

They are one of the best service providers as an investment consultant and financial service provider. We are happy with working with ASBHA GROUP.